Taka Nakamura

Founder & CEO at taliki Inc, the youngest impact fund partner in Japan

CEO and Representative Director of taliki Corporation / Representative Bartner of taliki FundBorn in 1995, graduated from Kyoto University. While in college, he built two schools in Cambodia as a representative of an international cooperation organization. Later, he studied at a business school in New York. He worked for a local news bureau and was involved in coverage of the 2016 presidential election and the UN General Assembly as an assistant producer. Through various experiences, she felt the need to "support players who solve social issues," and upon returning to Japan, she established taliki Inc. to incubate more than 300 social entrepreneurs and promote business development and open innovation at listed companies, and in 2020, as the youngest female representative in Japan, she will establish and invest in a VC for solving social issues. She was selected as one of the "30 under 30 changing the world" in Forbes JAPAN 2023.

1995年生まれ、京都大学卒。大学在学中に国際協力団体の代表としてカンボジアに2校の学校建設を行う。その後、ニューヨークのビジネススクールへ留学。現地報道局に勤務し、アシスタントプロデューサーとして2016年大統領選や国連総会の取材に携わる。様々な経験を通して「社会課題を解決するプレイヤーの支援」の必要性を感じ、帰国後に株式会社talikiを設立。300以上の社会起業家のインキュベーションや上場企業の事業開発・オープンイノベーション推進を行いながら、2020年には国内最年少の女性代表として社会課題解決VCを設立し投資活動にも従事。Forbes JAPAN2023「世界を変える30歳未満」選出。


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