Pitch For Change

Do you have a unique vision for a better future?
Our "Pitch For Change" is your opportunity to make it a reality.

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Submit your project, and if you make the next round, you'll be one of the 5 finalists invited to present live on our Pitch For Change Contest Stage.
During the Pitch: You've got just three minutes to captivate our audience and our panel of esteemed judges.
After your pitch, brace yourself for the ultimate test – a three-minute Q&A session with our selected judges. It's your chance to showcase your expertise, defend your vision, and prove why your project deserves to be in the winner's circle.
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We invite social innovators, startups, and visionaries to present their groundbreaking projects. Whether you're transforming healthcare, empowering communities, or innovating in finance, we want to hear your ideas.

Ready to get started? Here's how it works:

Why you should join?

Exposure to the Tech and Impact Industry: Present your ideas on a major stage, attracting potential investors, beneficiaries, and other key stakeholders. Whether you win or not, this pitch contest is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your vision to the world!
Inspiring Feedback: Share your idea with industry leaders and investors to receive invaluable advice and feedback, helping you refine and elevate your vision.
There’s Nothing to Lose: Registration is free! By applying, you gain experience, expertise, and knowledge without any cost.
Rewards: All five finalists will have access to the VIP Lounge and the winner will receive 300,000 Yen.

We will be adding additional prizes in the future, so please stay updated and apply now!


All five finalists will have access to the VIP Lounge and the winner will receive 300,000 yen. So, are you ready to seize your moment? Don't miss your chance to make history at the Tech for Impact Summit Pitch Contest. All it takes is 1 minute to register!

Submit your project, prepare your pitch, and get ready to inspire the world. The future is in your hands – let's make it extraordinary.

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Get inspired by the industry greats.