Are you an NGO/NPO, Social Start-up, Tech Innovator, or visionary social entrepreneur eager to drive positive change? Step into the spotlight at our Tech For Impact Summit! Join our dynamic showcase and be part of the action shaping tomorrow's world. Here's why you should seize this opportunity:

Envision your Impact
Gain access to our Socious Innovation Fund platform, where your organization's story, vision, and mission take center stage.
Voting System Donations
Visitors to the event will receive two voting rights (estimated value: 10 ADA x 2). They can use these votes to donate to two exhibits they find compelling through our Socious Innovation Fund Platform.
Be able to fuel your Vision with funding
Secure funding through the Socious Innovation Fund, driven by the votes and support of our engaged audience.
Elevate your Influence
Don't just attend; lead. Connect with a global community of changemakers, amplifying your impact and expanding your reach.

Claim and reserve your spot today and let your innovation make a difference!



Want to become part of our team? Socious is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to support our upcoming event Tech for Impact Summit this upcoming August!This event aims to foster discussions and collaborations surrounding technology such as IoT, blockchain, and AI and its potential for social impact. We will have guest speakers and stakeholders from various fields including blockchain/impact startups, NGOs, governments, international organizations, and more.

More information provided on the registration link below!

Become a volunteer
Become a volunteer